Eco Club

Eco Club

Eco club start in the Spring term.  Check back then to see what they are doing.

Last year we have took part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch. We walked around our school environment looking and listening for birds. When we saw a bird we recorded it on a tally chart. The most popular bird at Shaw Ridge is the magpie. Our data has now been sent to the RSPB. We will continue to feed the birds and hope to encourage more species to visit Shaw Ridge. Look out for our bird fact cards on the Eco board. We spent time investigating life in the bug house and pond during the winter.  











Eco- Committee


The ECO Commitee have been meeting termly to discuss ECO issues. We are dedicated to making Shaw Ridge an ECO-friendly place. Firstly, we have created a school Eco Code which promotes our values to all children, staff and parents. Our Eco Code is:

Our Eco Code

Energy Saving


Our environment is important to us

When you recycle you rule

Apple core in the compost



It's our world look after it

Oxygen we need trees

Respect the environment

Save Water


The areas we focus on are: Litter, Waste minimisation, Bio-diversity, Transport, School Grounds, Energy, Water, Health and well-being, Sustaining our world. We have taken part in Switch Off Fortnight, the Big Schools Birdwatch,carried out a litter pick and built a Bug Hotel in our garden area. In class we have been linking areas of our work to ECO themes. Such as following instructions to  make  wallets from juice cartons, writing instructions for making a newspaper pot and planting a seed, descriptive writing about robins, data handling from birdwatching.