Year 6


What a start to the year we have had! Last term began with our lead up to East Dene, during which we enjoyed completing a number of different cross curricular tasks with a focus towards learning about coasts.


In Literacy we looked at up levelling our vocabulary when power writing about the sea as well as considering at our performance poetry skills through the use of the Smuggler’s Song poem by Rudyard Kipling – which we have recently enjoyed performing this to parents’ at a coffee morning. In maths we have ensured that our understanding of place value and the four calculation methods is secure before moving on to focus on fractions, decimals and percentages. Some of us do need to keep practising our times tables and division facts in order to help us to speed up our calculating though!


In our reading sessions we have been reading “Kensuke’s Kingdom” which has often led to the children in Yew class begging Mrs Davies to, “please read on!” We have looked at responding to questions which may appear in our SATs papers whilst also looking to develop our understanding and use of the ambitious vocabulary that Michael Morpurgo uses in his writing.


Before embarking on our residential to East Dene, a trip that was thoroughly enjoyed by all, we looked at the ever-changing coastline of Britain as a result of coastal erosion as well as starting our science topic of “Evolution and Inheritance.” Our uniqueness was tested through the use of Mrs Wilkie’s (very scientifically) devised DNA test and following on from this we looked at how fossils can be used to give scientists information on historical animals including how they have adapted and evolved over time. Mary Anning left us all feeling outraged at the way that she wasn’t credited for her palaeontologist work until more recent times.


Our trip enabled us to get to know each other better, and on many occasions we were complimented on being some of the most positive children that they have had, particularly for our collaborative working skills. On returning from East Dene, from which some of us have only just recovered, we completed some follow up work in order to reflect upon what we had learned (you can see what we got up to whilst we were there on the home page of the website)! Continuing our learning of coastal erosion, we have turned our focus towards the coastal town of Happisburgh and Monday saw our eagerly anticipated debate as to whether or not we should protect it from eroding completely! All children joined in enthusiastically and passionately and we have noted some budding politicians among us!






In other subjects, we have designed our own sea inspired colour charts in art in addition to painting the East Dene house; in RE we have enjoyed learning from Mrs Singhal about Diwali; in PSHE we have focused on supporting each other, with an in depth look at the Brownlee Brothers; in Music we have begun our STOMP! flavoured topic (with bottle flipping being allowed if we can refrain from doing it during class time!) and in French we have enjoyed corresponding with our French link school in Lyon – we have already received letters from our pen pals and are looking forward to sending ours this week!