Year 5

Recently Year 5 have enjoyed becoming immersed in our topic ‘In a Galaxy Far, Far Away’. We have used this exciting topic to underpin our learning across the curriculum.

We kick-started the term with two fun-filled art days. We created a collage in the style of Peter Thorpe by recognising that he uses bold yet simple colour schemes in order to depict and image of a rocket launching into space. We used the holidays to collect many chocolate wrappers and used these to layer up the range of colours and textures. The finished pieces look great!


We also used Paper Mache to build our own model of the Solar System. A messy yet fun afternoon resulted in a great visual display.






Most recently, we welcomed a visit from the Explorer Dome. Excitedly, we crawled into the darkened dome and explored our planet, moon, sun and solar system. We saw how each move and what we see in the sky. Finally, we went star-spotting to discover the constellations and discovered the stories behind them through the gods and heroes, myths and monsters from Ancient Greece.


In Literacy, our space theme continues, as we have been reading George’s Secret Key to the Universe; a scientific novel written by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. Each time we read a chapter we are left on the edge of our seats wanting to know what is going to happen to George and Annie. So far, we have used this book to write a diary entry, take part in drama activities and to make predictions by writing the next chapter.