Year 4

Recently Year 4 have been enjoying learning everything about the Ruthless Romans. Why not ask us to tell you something interesting about our fabulous topic?

We have been designing and creating our own Roman shields throughout the term. After comparing a variety of different shield shapes, patterns and sizes, we designed our own shields based on our preferences and which we thought would protect us best in battle. We learnt which colours the Romans used on their shields and why, as well as the different reasons for their interesting designs. Do you know what the metal circle in the centre of a Roman shield is called? Ask us and we can tell you some gory facts about this part of the shield.


In Literacy, we have been researching the features of a Mallodile. Not sure what a Mallodile is? Look in the Year 4 corridor on our fantastic display or ask us – we would love to tell you! We have written narratives describing the movements and behaviours of a Mallodile, including their favourite food – marshmallows! We even created our own information leaflet to highlight our research skills.

We have also been performing play scripts during literacy and braved the outdoor weather earlier in the year to test our vocal skills. In groups, we performed to the rest of the class and gave each group a ‘praise sandwich’ to tell them what we loved, how they could improve and something else we loved about their performance.




In October the whole of Year 4 went on an ‘Autumn Walk’ around Shaw Ridge. We walked through the trees and looked for different features of Autumn. Using a checklist, we ticked off the variety of colours, leaves, trees and animals we saw. We also listened out for the different sounds of Autumn. It was a fabulous afternoon!