Year 4

This term in year 4 we have been learning all about Roman Life. We have learnt all about the Roman army, how to be a soldier, the Celts and Queen Boudicca. We have learnt what it takes to be a Roman soldier and most of us decided that it wasn’t for us! In our art this term we have been designing Roman shields. We have used our knowledge of symmetry to design them and we are painting them this week. For the rest of the term in our topic we are thinking about what the Romans did for us, gladiators and Roman Gods.


In maths we have been focussing on place value, addition and subtraction and 2D shapes. In both classes we have really been focussing on our times tables and have both been completing times table grids against the clock. We have worked on our written and mental addition and subtraction methods using monster maths to practice our skills. With our shape unit we went on a shape treasure hunt to see if we could match shapes and their properties. We also went outside to take photos of real life objects outside that were shaped like all of the 2D shapes we have been learning about. Some of use found some unusual heptagons and dodecagons.


In literacy we began the term by learning all about the traditional Roman myth Romulus and Remus. We found out how Rome was first discovered according to this story. We then moved on to looking at Fables, we really enjoyed writing our own, particularly choosing our animals and giving them human characteristics. We also found that we could relate to lots of the morals the stories were about. We then moved on to explore instruction and explanation texts. We created our own wax city scape pictures and then wrote step by step instructions for others to follow. For our explanations we applied our knowledge from our science this term and we wrote about the process of the water cycle. We were very good at including scientific vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation.


In PE this term we have been focussing on perfecting our football skills, working on becoming more accurate with where aim the ball. We have also been learning how to play dodgeball. We have really improved our team work skills and also our gross motor skills. We are now beginning to look and netball and hockey and are aiming to apply all of our knowledge and skills we have learnt so far this term into these invasion games.