Year 3

This term in year 3 we have been learning all about the Stone Age. The Stone Age people communicated through art and we explored drawing stories in the style of cave paintings. We looked at different animals from the Stone Age that are now extinct and studied different settlements, such as Skara Brae, that are still here today. We analysed different clay pots and looked at their designs and patterns. Then we replicated these and made some of our own versions.









In maths we have been doing a lot of work on the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We spent a lot of time focussing on our place value, making sure that we knew the importance of number position. This term, we learnt a variety of new written methods to work out calculations that we will continue to practise. We have now moved on to learning all about fractions, using practical objects to help us.



Year 3 studied the BFG, by Roald Dahl, in literacy last term. We all really enjoyed the book, particularly, learning about all the giants and creating gruesome descriptions for them! We have now moved onto the book ‘The Whisperer’, which is all about cats. We have only just started but we are really enjoying it already. There are two different groups of cats in our story and they are rivals, using this as a starting point we had a debate in class about whether girls should be allowed in the breakout area. Everyone contributed some fantastic ideas, but in the end we decided it was best that everyone was equal.