Year 3

In Year 3 this term we have been learning all about the Stone age, it is fascinating trying to imagine how long ago it really was and what life must have been like for early man. We have looked into what you would need to survive in the stone age, through discussion in groups we ordered the pictures below.






We all had our way but we had a fantastic class discussion around our reasoning. What order do you think they should come in?

We also looked at the dwellings that Early man lived in and how they developed over time as the Stone Age lasted for about 2.5 million years, which is a very long time.


We have also studied Stonehenge through art and our pictures can be seen in the classroom and the corridor outside Year 3. We even made Stonehenge out of pink wafer biscuits, which was great fun! We looked at cave paintings that have been found around the world and replicated some of them for the cover of our topic books.















We will be finding out next about the food that they ate and maybe tasting some different fruits that were around in the Stone Age, as well as making a Stone Age recipe for stewed fruit.