Year 2

This document contains the Y2 Spelling appendix and is used to support the planning, teaching and learning of Spelling in Year 2.  As well as using this we also send spellings home related to what the children have been taught in phonics during the week.

****Year 2 addition on a blank numberline video****


**** Year 2 Subtraction on a blank numberline video****


Year 2 Calculation Method

Year 2 Home Learning ideas

This term we are learning about The Great Fire of London.  We have learnt lots about the fire and the reasons it happened.  We all wrote a letter to the King pretending that we were one of the victims of the fire and our house had been burnt down. We gave him some ideas to help him rebuild London such as making the streets wider and more importantly building houses out of brick not wood. This links in nicely with our science, which is all to do with materials.  We have talked about different materials, using scientific vocabulary to describe them as well as what would be a good and bad use for them. We said it wouldn't be a good idea to have a chair made out of glass of a window made out of wood.




During the fire of London people had to evacuate their homes. They didn't have cars, so they had to put their belongings in a cart. In Year 2 we designed and then made our own carts, focusing on attaching wheels and an axel to the chassis of the cart.



We are all Superheros in Year 2 this term.  It is fabulous to see that we are following our Superhero rules and being ‘Captain Carpet’, ‘Fantastic Focus’ and ‘Mega Manners’.


We have read the story of Supertato and chosen adjectives to describe his character.  These are some of the words we thought of:

Bold   Strong    Heroic   Brave    Kind    Daring     Clever

The evil pea was on the loose after causing mayhem in the supermarket. To help find him we created wanted posters.


It has been exciting finding out about the adventures of Traction Man.  We innovated part of the story using Superheroes from home.  It was lots of fun acting out our story, even if we did get a little wet!

In maths we have been practicing our number bonds to 10 and 20.  Look at the colourful paper chains we made to help us.