Year 2

This document contains the Y2 Spelling appendix and is used to support the planning, teaching and learning of Spelling in Year 2.  As well as using this we also send spellings home related to what the children have been taught in phonics during the week.

Welcome to Year 2 Parent Information

What a busy spring term we have had in year 2!

Our topic has been castles this term, and we really enjoyed our trip to Windsor Castle, where we saw the Changing of the Guard, St. George’s Chapel and the State Apartments. We noticed lots of castle features that we had learnt about, such as arrow slits, battlements and towers. 




In DT we prepared vegetables for a Tudor recipe called Pottage (vegetable soup) and we evaluated what we liked about it and how we could make it better.



In English we learnt the story Good Knight, Sleep Tight by David Melling and wrote our own versions. We read a number of other David Melling books and wrote book reviews of our favourite stories. Then we were lucky enough to have a skype video call with the author David Melling! We enjoyed seeing his studio and we even had a preview of his next book! We also wrote our own versions of Jack and the beanstalk, using a range of writing features such as exclamations, questions and adverbs.

We have worked really hard in maths, building on our calculation skills and using calculations to solve problem. To consolidate our learning we have continued to practise a ‘maths game of the month’ at home, covering telling the time, times tables, number bonds to 20 or 100, and division skills. In science we have explored the suitability of different materials, and we carried out a fair investigation to not just see which material was the most waterproof but also to make sure we could prove it.


We enjoyed learning to sketch and paint our self-portraits in art. We used ipads to practise looking closely at where our features are, on our faces. We also used clay to create clay castle towers, and we painted stained glass designs inspired by the windows in St. George’s Chapel – you can now see our stained glass work in the windows of our school library!





For international week we used the internet safely to research facts about France, and created our own maps of Paris. In maths we helped a French baker solve some times and divide problems based in the patisserie! We enjoyed tasting French food and finding out some statistics about which foods we liked the most. We also painted pointillism pictures using cotton buds, inspired by the French artist Georges Seurat.


This autumn, the children in year 2 enjoyed learning about Fabulous Forests, linked to the book ‘The Tin Forest’. In the story, the dusty, dirty metal scrapyard slowly transforms into a bright, beautiful rainforest! We noticed how this is similar to Shaw Forest, where we walked to as a year group trip. Shaw Forest Park used to be a tip, but now it is a lovely woodland where we enjoyed spotting different physical features such as trees and clearings, and human features such as sculptures and methane pipes that allow the gas to release safely from the rubbish that is now deep underground.




We wrote some lovely descriptions of the tin forest using expanded noun phrases. We also tied it in to our art work, by sketching woodland animals, making collages and then making amazing plasticine woodland animals in painted woodland box models, which we wrote descriptions of. In Science, the children enjoyed learning about living things and habitats, such as how food chains work in different world habitats, and how different living things depend on each other.






In maths we have been working hard on partitioning numbers into the tens and the ones, and then adding and subtracting tens. We then drew our own number lines to help us start to add and subtract two, two-digit numbers! We practised 2D and 3D shapes and then set up our own ‘3D Shape Museums’ where we used playdough to demonstrate which 2D shapes were on the faces of the 3D shapes. We have also started to work on fractions and enjoyed cutting and sticking paper pizzas to order, with toppings such as one quarter peppers and three quarters tomato!


Since half term we have started to learn about space in our new topic ‘Man on the Moon’. In history we have started to learn about the explorer Christopher Columbus and we will compare him to Neil Armstrong. In English we used our detective skills to try to learn as much as we could about ‘Bob, the Man on the Moon’ just by noticing things on the pages of the story; for instance, we found out that he likes space so much, even his cushions have stars on! We have worked on inferring how Bob feels and what he might be thinking throughout the story.


We have also worked on our performance skills, gearing up towards the Christmas play, for which we have already learnt a number of songs! We recited riddles and space poems, using the 4 Ps: Pace, Pitch, Power and Performance. The children practised giving each other useful feedback by saying one ‘star’ that they liked about their partner’s performance and one ‘wish’ to improve.


In DT we are excited about making rocket models, while in computing we are using Scratch Junior to start to become computer programmers and code our astronauts moving around the moon.






Traction Man retelling - Sycamore class