Year 2

This document contains the Y2 Spelling appendix and is used to support the planning, teaching and learning of Spelling in Year 2.  As well as using this we also send spellings home related to what the children have been taught in phonics during the week.


Year 2 Calculation Method


This term we enjoyed visiting Shaw Forest, mapping the journey and recording a tally of the physical and human features that we saw there. Then we learnt about Peru and imagined that Paddington bear had come for a picnic at Shaw Forest: we wrote an interview where Paddington told us what is similar and what is different about Peru and Shaw Forest.





We also learnt about the Great Fire of London, with poems about fireworks, diary entries inspired by some old diaries we found from Samuel Pepys, and writing our own stories about the fire written from an animal’s perspective. We used our neat, joined handwriting to write up our stories and illustrated them, creating a special book.


In maths we have worked hard on partitioning numbers into tens and ones, and using a blank number line method to add and subtract two 2-digit numbers. We also became pizza chefs to help us understand basic fractions: a quarter is one out of four parts but three quarters is three out of four! We practise our calculation skills regularly, such as in our ‘number of the day’ early morning work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


For art we have practised careful observations to sketch woodland animals and we worked on colour mixing to create the paint colours we wanted using the primary colours red, yellow and blue, alongside white and black.

In the build up to Christmas we enjoyed using our speaking skills, using ‘Pace’, ‘Pitch’, ‘Power’ and ‘Performance’ in our Key Stage 1 nativity play. We also practised our maths skills by role playing making our own little shops and buying from each other.