Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

This document contains the Y1 Spelling appendix and is used to support the planning, teaching and learning of Spelling in Year 1.  As well as using this we also send spellings home related to what the children have been taught in phonics during the week.

2x table song

10 x table song

Our topic during the Spring Term was explorers.  We started off our topic by having an explorers day.  We all took part in a round robin of different activities.  Some of us did work on maps, some of us made our passports.  We even went on a treasure hunt!


We learnt all about lots of different explorers as well such as Christopher Columbus and Scott of the Anarctic. If you ask Year 1 thy will tell you all about them!


In DT we all made our own water vehicles.  Christopher Columbus had a problem.  His boat was broken and he needed a new way of exploring.  So, we designed a new vehicle for him.  Some of us made speed boats, some of us made submarines.  Some of us even made jet skis!  We made our vehicles out of wood.  This involved a lot of sawing and hammering.  Thankfully we all finished our vehicles with fingers and hands in tact!













In geography we learnt all about maps. All of the explorers used maps to help them find their way.  We went on a walk to Lydiard Park.  Before we went we looked at the human and physical features of the park so that we could begin to spot these and other things when we went.