Foundation Stage

Aliens love………


Last term Holly and Oak classes were invaded by aliens.  We arrived early one Monday morning to find pants lying all around school. We investigated who might have taken them.  However, this was not the end of the story! We then discovered two strange eggs in school.  We talked about what might be inside the eggs. We thought it must be a baby alien. We created our own aliens out of plasticine and painted pictures but still the eggs did not hatch!








We made our own rockets out of recycled material and then as part of our homework we all made some super creations too which were about space which we then talked about to our friends.








 Our topic ended with the eggs hatching. However, were amazed to find that the eggs did not belong to aliens but fairies!  We received a tiny letter from the fairies telling us to explore around school. We followed the fairy dust trail and found some beautiful fairy doors and lots of bits and pieces to put into the fairy garden.



We made fairy potions following a secret recipe using snake oil, teddy bear kisses, dragon breath and fairy tears.  We waited to see what the magic did.  It turned Mrs Snowden into a fairy but Mrs Olner must have had too much because her hair turned bright green! We ended our topic by making fairy wands and fairy houses and pretending to be wizards, fairies and unicorns in our fairy garden.













In Holly and Oak we have been reading and finding out about “traditional stories” in our topic “Whose Afraid of the Big Bad......”

We read the story of the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and turned our role-play area into “The Bears House” and had fun acting out the story in there.  We found out all about different types of bears and used the internet to research them.


We also found out about  bread making by reading “The Little Red Hen”.  We made our own story maps and used these to tell the story using Pie Corbett actions.  We tasted breads from around the world and made a bar chart to find out which bread was our favourite.  We made our own bread and ate it at snack time.









We also found out about the festival of “Diwali” and learned lots of facts about Rama and Sita. We made Rangoli patterns which are symmetrical. We also used clay to make diva lamps which we lit at our party at the end of the week. We tasted lots of Indian food.




We read the story of “The Gruffalo” and made our own trail using natural object that we found in the school garden. We used puppets to act out the story on our own.






We designed, made and evaluated a gingerbread man after we read the story. We found it tricky to roll out the salt dough and then to paint the dough when it had been baked.

It has been a very long and busy term so far but we still have our trip to Roves Farm to look forward to.  We will take part in lots of activities and end the day with our own Nativity play. We are getting very excited about it!