Foundation Stage

In Holly and Oak, we have been reading and finding out about “traditional stories” in our topic “Whose Afraid of the Big Bad......”

We read the story of the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and turned our role-play area into “The Bears House” and had fun acting out the story in there. 

We tasted breads from around the world after reading the story of “The Little Red Hen” and then had a go making our own bread.

We read the story of “The Gruffalo” and made our own trail using natural object that we found in the school garden. We used puppets to act out the story on our own.

We learnt all about healthy and unhealthy foods when we did work on “The Enormous Turnip” story and investigated different fruits and vegetables. We even made our own vegetable soup that we ate at snack time.


We also found out about the festival of “Diwali” and learned lots of facts about Rama and Sita. We made Rangoli patterns which are symmetrical. We tasted lots of Indian foods that some of our parents had made for us and we dressed up to celebrate when we had a party at the end of the week.

Finally, we had an amazing day when we went to Roves Farm and had an extremely tiring day joining in lots of activities. We ended the day with our own Nativity play.


It has been a very long and busy term.