Maths Master

Maths videos showing a range of mathematical areas covered in school. has games for -
You can choose the level of difficulty for all sorts of problems
Select the level and year group, then solve the problems
Test you times tables quiz, games, worksheets, facts, quizzes and puzzles. Challenges and useful tips for children in Key Stage 1 and 2.
Games, resources, puzzle of the day. Suitable for year 2 upwards.
All sorts of games, worksheets and resources for key stage 1 and 2. Interactive games and recommended books. Practice questions for KS1 and 2 SATs.
Brainteasers and question on the week. Problem solving for key stages 1 and 2.
Interactive games and resources from nursery-Year 6. Have fun and learn at the same time!
Lots of interactive games for KS1 and 2.
Links to lots of useful sites. Loads of games and puzzles and helpful tips to support work in the classroom
An excellent bank of worksheets, Power Points for learning, activity ideas and interactive resources for all areas of the curriculum and for all Primary aged children.