Sports Funding

Sports Funding 2015 - 2016

Area of Spend


Effect on Pupils’ PE and Sport

How to ensure these improvements are sustainable

Staff Development


PE Coordinator attended PE conference in order to further knowledge on coordinating PE and the impact it can have on the whole school, a guide to high quality PE, working alongside a sports coach and the link between healthy active lifestyles and pupil engagement.



Employing Sports Coach

  • Work alongside teachers to teach PE and sport in school.


  • Employment of Sports Coach to act as a ‘Play Leader’ during lunch times













Improved confidence of staff in planning an appropriate PE lesson and improved competency in delivering to all children - being able to stretch the most able and support the less able children, resulting in higher participation levels and healthier children.


Variety of sports offered for out of hours clubs increased.

Increase in participation levels - 51% of schools population involved in after-school clubs


Participation in a greater number of sporting events (involving specific individual and team training) which has resulted in a greater success rate.


Behaviour issues at lunch time have decreased due to sports coach introducing and officiating games.

Coach and PE Coordinator to work alongside teachers, sometimes through team teaching, to ensure regular high quality PE is being delivered.


Coach and PE Coordinator to assist with planning if/when necessary – ensuring teachers have a knowledge bank of ideas to use.


Pupil Voice – regular conversations with pupils, including School Council, about what they enjoy in PE and which after school clubs they would like.

Resources & Equipment

  • For PE/Sport lessons as well as play times.



Buying new PE equipment has given the children a greater opportunity to access a wide range of skills and sports. Teachers have had the confidence to plan and carry out lessons with the backing of resources.

PE Equipment will be stored and taken care of to ensure resources are useful.


Termly checks of PE equipment will be carried out.

Competition Entries (Fortius PE) – enabling Shaw Ridge to enter all Sporting Festivals in Swindon.


Participation in a greater number of sporting events has resulted in a greater success rate.


Has a positive impact on all children involved in the competitions. Especially in terms of our school values and behaviour - children must show consistent good learning behaviour in order to be selected for competitions.


More children representing Shaw Ridge through entering more than one team into events.

PE coordinator keeping a register of who represents the school in competitions and who attends after school clubs. Ensuring those who deserve an opportunity receive one.


Celebrating all successes within school, through local links and in the local news.

Subscription to SPWA for four years


A tool that allows school to input and track data around PE and School Sport - giving the opportunity to demonstrate the impact of Sport Premium in school.

PE Coordinator to input data yearly onto the system in order to track each year group’s involvement in PE/Sport (including pupil premium, SEN, EAL etc.) This will give the PE Coordinator the opportunity to put in place interventions where needed,

KS1 ‘Real PE’ Scheme


Scheme is giving KS1 teachers confidence in planning and carrying out a high quality PE lesson which will engage and challenge all pupils.

Teachers to carry assessments involved in the scheme to ensure progress is being made and therefore scheme is having a positive effect.

Giving new opportunities

Local clubs are coming into school to give taster sessions which give the children great opportunities to try new sports - wheelchair basketball, street dance, tennis, golf, fencing.










Children experiencing activities which we cannot deliver during PE hours - gaining opportunities to try new activities.


Children attending local clubs to continue the sport after the experience in school.






Club links are being pursued within many sporting areas, including rugby, football, fencing, dance and golf.


Gifted and talented pupils being given the opportunity to further their sporting skills in different areas (tennis and ice skating).


Subscription to Swindon Premier Golf Academy. KS2 have all experienced a taster golf session with profession coaches, leading to eight children competing in a golf tournament.

Fencing £40 Year 5, for two consecutive years, have been given the opportunity to experience fencing for seven weeks  

Impact of Sports Funding 2016


Shaw Ridge achieve Gold Sainsbury’s Kitemark

To achieve GOLD level, Shaw Ridge has met all of the following requirements:



A system in place to track young people’s participation in the Sainsbury’s School Games.

Opportunities that attract less active young people to participate in physical activity.

Provide all students with two hours of physical education per week (within the curriculum only); and have extra curriculum provision in addition to this.

Engage at least 50% of students in extracurricular sporting activity every week.

Offer talented young sports people specific support to help them to develop their sporting potential.


Held a Sainsbury’s School Games Day as the culmination of a year-round competition programme.

A calendar of competition that demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEND to take part in competitions.

A notice board promoting Sainsbury’s School Games activity.

Use the Sainsbury’s School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate level of competition.

Use the Sainsbury’s School Games formats to provide the opportunity through inter-school competition for both boys and girls to take part in ‘B’ and ‘C’ - team standard competition.

Promote the Sainsbury’s School Games to parents and the local community once a fortnight; regularly feature match reports and competition results on the school website and in the local press.



Engage at least 20% of students in leading, managing and officiating Sainsbury’s School Games activity.

Have a School Sport Organising Committee or Crew in place.

Utilise sports coaches to support school sport.

Train wider school staff to support school sport.


Have active links with at least six local sports clubs.


Impact of Sports Funding 2014-15

Participation Levels in After School Sport Clubs





Children participating in after school sport clubs


(31% of children within school)


(51% of children within school)


            - All other clubs maintained        


Other Sporting Achievements and Opportunities