Shaw Ridge Primary School converted to Academy status in November 2013.

Academy status releases us from the direct control of the local authority. We are accountable directly to the Department of Education.

As an academy we employ our own staff and have greater control over our finances, admissions and the curriculum we offer. Whilst we base our curriculum on the National Curriculum, we are able to adapt and amend our programme of study to exploit local resources, maximise the relevance of learning to our pupils and deliver the syllabus through engaging and exciting activities.

We work together with three other local schools; Millbrook Primary School, Peatmoor Primary School and Westlea Primary School, in an umbrella organisation called the ‘Link Academy Collaborative Trust’. This provides a rigorous element of peer to peer support and challenge. It is our intention that the four schools work together to ensure the best educational outcomes for the children we serve in West Swindon.


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